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Important Terms and their Meanings

Please take note that the words “you”, “your” and “yourself” refer to the visitors/users of the page. The terms “our/ours”, “we”, “us”, and “ourselves” refer to the owners, associates and administrators, or those associated with

Other crucial definitions:

Content: The term “content” refers to any set of words, texts, images, picture or other media files and components that are found on

Website: Here the term “website” refers to

User content: Any particular form words, pictures, texts, images, graphics, videos or any other form of media content that are posted by a user in the website is considered as the “user content”.

Third party: Any individual, group or organisation that is not identified as a user on the website, but still he/she has published any type of content, will be considered as a third party here.


Different changes and modifications can be implemented on the "terms of use" at any point without any prior intimation or warning. The website and/or its authorised, employees or affiliates have the right to make amendments on this page. The changes get effective as soon as the modifications are brought forth.

Anyone who uses this website must be responsible towards observing all regulations and follow all changes made.

Use of the website


The website and its affiliates reserve the right to grant the permission or authorise someone to use their products or services. And, they can also withdraw the access during any point and time, when it deems necessary.


All the visitors and users must access the website and use/post any content, being ethically responsible and solely at their own risk. The website, its administrators, employees and associates are not liable for the consequences a visitor or user experiences as a result of accessing or using any content, available on the website.

Amendments, Suspensions and Interruptions:

The website reserves the right to make changes or modify the content, procedure or process. In addition to it, it also holds the right to suspend the operations or to disrupt any service at any point without serving prior notice or intimation of any form.

Private accounts:

All the users of the website are required to create a personal account along with some basic profile requirements. Without a verified account, users cannot gain access or make use of the website content. One must understand that the account is password protected. If he/she shares the password with anyone else, the website shall not be responsible for any negative consequence. The website can close or discontinue any account for various reasons and different grounds.

One account per user:

Take note, users can have only one account on the website. If a user is traced and found to possess multiple accounts under fake names, then he/she will immediately be banned from further website access. Apart from that, the accounts will be closed with immediate effect.


A user will start receiving notifications from the website as soon as he/she creates a verified account on the platform. For further information on this, please visit and read the website's Privacy Policy.

User Published Content:

The users will be solely responsible for the content they will publish on the website. However, the website shall not be responsible for anything the user states. You must know and acknowledge that content becomes public as soon as any content is posted on the platform.

If the user posts or circulates any false/fake or plagiarised content or anything that leads to legal infringements or violation, then the website has the complete right to take the necessary measures. These shall include the permanent closing of the responsible account, banning from making further use and also notifying the proper law enforcement authority regarding the violation made.

The user has no exclusive right to the content once it is published and circulated on the website. You must know that the post becomes public as soon as it is published. The website shall have no control over its usage.

Each and every type of content that is posted on the website automatically becomes the property of the website. No one else is given the access or allowed to use its content for either commercial or non-commercial use, without violating the copyright laws. The website also has the right to prosecute anyone who violates the copyright rules and regulations.

The website also reserves the right to post advertisements or other content that revolves around a user-published content without seeking anyone’s prior permission.

Please be informed if the website publishes any content through RSS or other feeds, then he/she can recreate and modify that content on their own websites and across social media pages. But, there should also be an attribution to the website. Apart from that, it is quite important to note that the does not approve or promote any other content that the user posts on such pages.

Anyone and everyone who would ever visit the website must have the right to access and use content that is published or shared by other users.

Policies and Guidelines:

Third Party Intervention in the Website:

The website also has the right to post advertisements, applications and outbound links to other websites. However, it does not suggest that the website promotes any product, service or any form of content that belongs to the third parties. The user does not come under the policies and terms of the website when he/she is using any type of third party link.

Termination /Changes/Amendments of the Terms and Conditions:

The website also has the right to change, make amendments or dismiss the entire Terms of Use page or a particular term without any prior notification. It further holds the right to block or terminate any user content. The content shall continue to be the property of the website even if the terms and conditions are changed, terminated or suspended.