Learning never exhausts the mind.” – Leonardo da Vinci

The advent of technology has made the learning process simple and allowed a fresh perspective on the process. The learning process is no longer confined within the four walls of the classroom. The implementation of technology has enabled students to take control of their learning apart from taking lessons from teachers.

Now, there are countless resources online to make sure the learning process continues, and students have something new to explore every time they're curious.

On that note, the following are some of the brilliant online learning resources that you’ll find useful.

  1. Academic Earth

Academic Earth is a one-of-its-kind online learning website that offers many courses from various schools. This resource allows you to explore numerous topics. It lets you search the course outline by particular subjects.

The platform comes with an array of courses associated with business, computer and IT, education, and health. Most of the courses can be learned for free.

Pro tip: The courses offered in Academic Earth are designed in a way that aligns with your personal and professional needs.

  1. iStudiez

This student-planner app lets you plan the tasks to do at any time with simple organisation and presentation. Create colourful block-style timetable/calendars and to-do categories. The resource has become popular among students from all over, and it has been consistently ranked higher among other organisation and planning apps.

Pro tip: The app also enables you to track your progress using the simple grade-graph feature.

  1. Notability

This is undoubtedly one of the best note-taking apps available online. It does more than a note-taking, and students can annotate images/PDFs/ GIFs, brainstorm their ideas and write down notes quickly for future reference. It also helps record lectures and allows students to explore many other functions.

It’s possible for students to find note-taking quite tedious while sitting through complicated lectures. This app enables you to manage their own notes and also share them with other students.

Pro tip: The app can sync with OneDrive, Dropbox, or Google Drive.

  1. MyAssignmentHelp

This website is a pioneer in the sphere of academic writing services. The website has been offering academic assistance for over a decade now. They have skilled experts belonging to different disciplines who extend their expertise to help students score well in class.

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The website offers complete guarantees on its services so students seeking academic support will always have complete convenience of receiving the bests academic solutions.

  1. SimpleMind

The app is highly illustrative and provides a perfect place for mapping your thoughts and pondering over the ideas related to your topics. There are no restrictions to how much brainstorming you want to perform here with an unlimited page size of this app.

SimpleMind is user-friendly and fun to use for students and can help with the creation of complex mind maps in over a dozen languages.

Pro tip: The resource gives you the ability to create more than one mind map on a single page.

  1. Coursera

Learning doesn’t always have to happen within a classroom. Coursera has been widely recognised for hundreds of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) to anyone interested in gaining knowledge of a wide array of topics and subjects.

Pro tip: Courses offered through this resource are organised and taught in collaboration with hundreds of universities and colleges.

  1. Assignmenthelp.us

This website has been offering error-free academic solutions to students who require assignment help on various subjects or disciplines. Whether you need help with literature or mathematics, engineering or law, you’ll find appropriate guidance for yourself. The website consists of experienced faculty members from different disciplines to help with your academic requirements.

No matter how complicated the requirements are, you can be sure those will be fulfilled.

Pro tip: You can get in touch with the customer support of this website through different channels any time.

  1. Connections academy

It’s considered one of the best websites for online courses which allow students to learn from home as per their convenience. The courses available on this platform are specifically designed for elementary or middle or high school.

This learning platform enables you to easily meet classmates and teachers through virtual space.

Pro tip: Connections academy presents a personalised learning experience that allows students to improve their skills.

  1. EasyBib

Referencing and citation can be a gruelling task for students. But it’s necessary to maintain the credibility of their academic papers, and the professors also emphasise using citations. This free bibliography generator can reinforce those vital referencing rules that students can’t avoid.

Pro tip: EasyBib allows students to generate accurate citations from a host of different styles and pick from various types of source options.

  1. Google Drive

This resource rarely needs any introduction for students. This is an incredibly useful file storage system from Google that most students often swear by. Google Drive provides a decent amount of storage space and is rather simple to use.

It offers 15GB of storage space, allows you to simply drag and drop, and delivers solid platform support. The tool then syncs your documents to the cloud automatically. 

  1. Dictionary.com

Dictionary.com offers a bunch of features and extremely convenient to use. Offering easy access to definitions and their pronunciation, this resource lets users with access to a plethora of language translations and even presents colloquial language and idiomatic expressions.

For students requiring access to the millions of words in the English language, this app is an excellent resource and can be used without an internet connection as well.

Pro tip: For those trying to strengthen their vocabulary, Dictionary.com also comes with a word of the day feature.

  1. Essayassignmenthelp.com.au

This brilliant resource is useful for offering the best kind of academic assistance to students who need help. Whenever you find yourself struggling with a complicated topic of the assignments, the resource will come to your rescue. You'll find the most accurate solutions to your academic needs with this website.

The website is a one-stop solution for offering guidance on diverse subjects.

Pro tip: You only need to specify your academic requirements clearly, and the experts on this website will provide flawless solutions.

  1. Memrise

Memrise is a website for students which provides a customised learning experience. The site can be used in multiple languages, including Arabic, English, Dutch, and American.

Memrise can be accessible from Android and iOS devices. The website comes with learning challenges for enhancing your knowledge. You can easily signup into this site to access the course and materials.

Pro tip: You only need to clearly specify your academic requirements, and the experts on this website will provide flawless solutions.

  1. CodeHS

It’s a comprehensive learning platform that helps students learn the important concepts of computer science. It offers various tools and resources, web-based curriculum, and professional development.

The site offers specific lesson plans where you can access different resources to learn the subject. It enables you to pick a wide range of activities specially designed by experienced teachers.

Pro tip: The website offers a progress tracking system for teachers. It also consists of offline handouts and various interesting activities.

  1. Open Learning Initiative

Open Learning Initiative by Carnegie Mellon University is a resource that brings innovative online courses to people who are eager to learn different skills. The website presents high-quality courses that assist you in learning about different disciplines.

The website also enables you to teach different skills remotely with ease.

Pro tip: Check out various college-level courses that can boost your learning experience.

  1. Behance

Whether you’re studying designs or you’re curious about visual arts, you’ll find the Behance online platform nothing short of amazing. Behance comes with new work from exceedingly talented individuals in architecture, design, fashion, photography, motion graphics, and many such fields.

Pro tip: You can follow different creators and witness their works of art that are sure to stimulate your creative side. 

  1. Tophomeworkhelper.com

If you’re stuck with a complicated task or are running against time to work on your papers, you can find help in Tophomeworkhelper.com. The site comprises experienced and skilled experts with an expertise in different disciplines. They will assist you in improving your academic performance.

The website offers timely assistance to students seeking help with the homework papers.

Pro tip: The website provides the option for live tutoring facilities for different subjects.

  1. Aquent Gymnasium

It’s a website that offers free courses for creative professionals. The courses of this site are created in a way that equips you with the knowledge that you can apply to any project or job.

This site lets you hone your skills and equip yourself with the vital skills that are in demand.

Pro tip: The resource helps you explore advanced learning opportunities.

  1. Open Culture

Open Culture is an educational website that offers free online classes for fun. You can check out the courses on philosophy, literature, history, biology, and physics from this website.

The subject materials of this site are available in audio, video, and ebooks.

Pro tip: It consists of more than 200 ebooks, 800 ebooks, and 300+ language lessons.

  1. Duolingo

It presents 95 different language courses in 23 languages. This immensely popular tool now boasts of nearly 300 million registered users worldwide.

Language courses offered here are high quality, designed and presented through the experts and native speakers which is a brilliant approach to language learning. 

Pro tip: This free resource has a basic flashcard-type feature for its language courses so that you can learn and retain the information easily.

Parting thoughts,

All of these apps ensure that learning is simple and accessible to anyone with a little curiosity in their minds. This way, the learning curve is never flat, whether you’re at school/college or at home. These resources will ensure that the learning process is continuous.

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