It was only two weeks ago when I was not in a good state to write my three assignments. I am pursuing my undergraduate degree in Global Learning from Coventry University.  I was studying hard for the upcoming examination, and there was some stress for my freelance work. All these and the pandemic have left me upside down to manage three challenging assignments at a time in such a short deadline. This is when I came to know about writing company and asked them if they can help me with my projects. 

Although I was very surprised to ask help from an agency like that to my surprise, they replied to me super fast. I was impressed and assumed that they are genuinely available round the clock for students like me. However, soon after, I was proven wrong.

I had the most terrible experience of taking online assignment help from this website. For those like me, who want last minute assignment help online, please check this review. I have segmented my experience into a few factors to help my fellow students understand better.

I am a Chinese student, so I have a poor hold in the English language. Though I can write in English, I cannot speak it fluently. Even after this poor knowledge, I found the content on the homepage of  writing company imperfect. They had large content written all over the pages, which almost meant nothing. 

I was so troubled at that time that I overlooked all the mistakes. And I lost the money and barely saved the grades. I have decided to never go for any online assignment writing service so fast.


Though writing company claims that they offer the students with the best quality assignments of all types, it is a huge lie. As I ordered tree assignments, two of those have more than 70% plagiarism issue. I find myself lucky that I checked the assignment by myself and did not submit the assignment to my professor as it is.

The third one, which was an essay about social sciences, was incomplete, has several spelling mistakes, and was written randomly. The essay was supposed to be of 700 words. However, I received a document of hardly 300 words.

In their website, they says that experienced assignment essayists work on each of the order they receive from students like us. I neither saw expertise, nor a moderate quality essay in my orders.

Those thinking to take help from , please consider this review before spending your hard earned money.


The pricing plan is quite elaborate on the homepage. It is divided into three main segments- standard, extended, and platinum. First-timers like me might assume that the website is exceptionally dedicated to meet the students' budget, but the reality is hugely the opposite.

As I went through the rate chart, I had to pay them £27.99 for each of the assignments. My assignments were eligible for the platinum price plan, which needed to be done within 48 hours. While the rates I felt were already high for my budget, I still agreed to place the order. As I was continuing with the order placing process, I received a quote. 

There were several additions like service tax, confidentiality fees etc. and the total amount was much more than the given chart. I agreed to pay them because I wanted the assignment to be done urgently. Despite all the wrongly charged rates, I paid to the website because I didn’t know where to go.

Also, all the offers and sign up bonuses, I never received those. I just lost my money and grades, both for this incompetent website.


Last but not least, how can I forget to talk about the delivery system for students like us. I received my assignment after 30 calls maybe. I still had to recheck and rewrite most parts of the project as those were full of plagiarised content. 

If you are assuming that the customer support was there to complain, there were no good. They don't pick up calls, neither reply to the WhatsApp message. A direct WhatsApp number always pops up on the homepage of the screen promising direct connectivity. However, my calls were never answered.

This writing company sent my assignments after three days, which is 72 hours, while I paid them the charges applicable for the 48 hours assignment deadline. I found every promise and claim of the website an utter lie. Helpless students like me go to the website for urgent support in academics. What I received was nowhere close to help.

My miseries were multiplied after I got connected and asked them to help me with the assignments. My assignments were full of mistakes, failed the deadline, and I barely passed.  

So, overall, thst writing company is not a very good option to connect and get help for writing assignments. Students might find legal issues with paying them and other supports. The site might feel trusted at a glance, but an in-depth investigation reveals the actual picture.