In the world in which we are living right now, everything is primarily digital. Hence, online reviews have helped bring in some clarity about the product/service, which we cannot see face to face otherwise.

A review helps us decide and conclude a product based on most people's experience and views about it. With so many critics and online paid promotion posts, reviews influence about two-third of the purchases. So here are three things which everyone should know about online reviews:-

1. Encourage people to write review.

The first and foremost thing is to encourage people to write a review. Based on a business case study on different marketing strategy it is found out that asking customers to give feedback usually works. If this process is initiated, then there can be chances that your business will be stuck with zero reviews.

Now, why do we need reviews? The more the reviews, the higher the chances of online platforms pushing your business n recommendation for people when they are looking for something similar in your niche.

Businesses with higher ratings can build in the trust a factor, whereas a business with no rating can seem like a scam and not a legit one. Also, search engines push the companies with higher ratings and reviews than those with a handful of studies.

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2. Reviews are money

Reviews are money. Now there are many ways to put it. So let's break it down. The more reviews, the higher is the chances of people to attract to your business. This is directly related to search engines pushing your business online and good feedback from loyal customers. Once the trust factor is built, new customers can keep coming in to have a delightful experience.

God reviews can help you be on top of your market. This can encourage people in your niche to collaborate with you on social media for building larger chains and mutual benefits. In addition, good reviews are directly related to higher sales.

After heavy examining, it is found that companies with higher ratings and reviews never experience loss in customer sales. Whereas fewer ratings affect sales as it is not able to instill customers towards their brand.

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3. Reply to reviews(even bad ones)

You will see many reviews about a business with no proper service and few bad ones. However, a wise step to follow here is to always reply to such reviews. Responding to reviews is a way of communicating with your customers. This is appreciated by the customers, too, as they rely on these modes of engagement to communicate.

Not replying to bad reviews shows unprofessionalism. If someone is placing a query, then it is the work of the brand to look into it and resolve it. Other customers notice this behaviour, and they support such companies which have good customer service for quick communication.

Instead of deleting or leaving the doubts unattended, replying to even bad reviews can be helpful in the future. Proper measures taken to solve the issue can help a brand improve its image and value in the market and create a vast more customer vase.

Reviews are a make-it-or-break-it kind of moment for businesses. Customers always look into the reviews before going to a recommended place. Good reviews can force them to visit the brand; however, bad reviews can negatively impact, and who knows, by word of mouth, it can even be led to the brand being bankrupt due to losing customers.

By now, we hope you understand the power of reviews for a business. You can collaborate with and pay influencers and bloggers to write a dedicated post about your business which is profitable. Still, real profits only come when people are satisfied by the reviews on your professional business page. So, make sure your thoughts are good, updated and visible for customers to decide.