From the multinational technology company Apple to the small-sized business in your neighbourhood, no business has ever achieved a 100% customer satisfaction rate. You will never be able to keep ALL your clients happy no matter what you do. Even worldwide renowned sites such as Facebook or LinkedIn have negative customer reviews. Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t leave everything aside every time someone writes something negative about Facebook on the Play Store. Does he? Then why should you?

Instead of panicking, you should learn how to respond to your customer complaints on social media. The better your response is, the easier it will be for you to win over the trust of your customers.

So, here are 3 smart ways to handle negative reviews on social media.

1. Admit that it might be your fault

Nobody is omnipotent. So, mistakes are normal in a busy business unless it’s a hospital. Anyway, it is better not to argue when one of your genuine customers write something negative about your brand. It can happen that a few of your customers weren’t happy with the service or products. That is when you need to admit your mistakes instead of being defensive.

This approach often acts like the quickest bridge between you and your angry customers. Your customers will be reassured that the business owner or manager has acknowledged their concerns. Make sure your apology sounds genuine and not robotic. Do not use the same apology for all the complaints on your social media profiles. Take some time and write something unique each time.

2. Respond as soon as possible

Let’s say you had some concerns or complaints against a restaurant. But, the restaurant didn’t bother to respond to your complaints. How would you feel? Would you like to visit that restaurant again? Would you recommend the restaurant to your friends and close ones? No. Right? This is exactly what happens when you don’t or respond to the complaints very late.

Make it a point to respond to your customers’ complaints or customer reviews as soon as possible. It is better to reply within 1-2 hours after the review has been posted. You don’t have to provide a solution or an answer immediately. Just acknowledge for the time being that your customer had a bad time with your company, and you would look into the matter as soon as possible.

3. Take the conversation offline

Negative reviews about your brand and your response to those reviews can make your potential customers doubtful about your reputation. So, it is better to take the conversation offline. That means when your client writes a negative review, let her/him know how you want to contact them via messages, calls and chats.

This step will help you have a one-to-one conversation with your customer and address her/his problem directly. Provide them with your office phone number and email ID so that they can get in touch with you at their convenience.

Wrapping Up,

Follow these tips, and it will be easier for you to handle customer complaints online on social media. All businesses have clients who write negative reviews about them on social media. So don’t be disheartened when you see negative reviews about your business on social media. Instead, respond to those reviews as smartly as possible.

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