The online education industry is experiencing a boom, unlike anything before. The proliferation of the Internet and web-enabled electronic devices made it possible for authentic online assignment writing services to reach out & extend a helping hand to millions of students around the globe. As more and more students look for professional help online, the industry is experiencing an unprecedented and unmitigated economic prosperity.

Unfortunately, just like in any other sector, the scent of success has attracted malicious entities here too. All across the Web, scammers are operating via well-designed websites to lure in unsuspecting students and duping them out of their hard-earned money. And that’s not all. Students often end up with sub-standard solutions that are not worth the price they paid. And in the worst-case scenario, the money disappears, no solutions are delivered, and confidential data is sold to other parties.

That is how dangerous scam online writing services can indeed be. This write-up lays forth some actual incidents from around the world, which saw innocent students being scammed out of their earnings and worse.

But before all of that,

Here’s a brief account of my own experience of getting scammed

Scammed and Duped

Numerous freelance writers and online services claim to have the best quality of statisticians, mathematicians, engineers and what not; the reality is something completely different. 80% of those writers do not have any good idea about what they are doing.

I was a student in an electronics-engineering course at a reputable university in Melbourne. Multiple assignments, dissertations and the final year project were simply overwhelming thanks to the narrow deadlines and all. I had no other choice but to seek some professional help from an online service.

Well, that was not my biggest mistake. It was selecting an online writing service without doing proper research about its background. Their well-designed website, attractive offers and promising claims blinded me, and I fell for their scam.

I lost 1000 dollars for a solution that caused me to fail. When the answers arrived, I knew it was a bunch of nonsense. I was crestfallen but had no other choice but to submit it as the deadline had come.

I was lucky it was not plagiarized.

The Price You Pay

The booming ghostwriting industry that encourages students to deliver pre-made solutions has now become a hunting ground for scammers and cheaters selling bogus answers.

Quite a few undeserving individuals seek shortcuts to success and ask professional writers online to do their academic tasks for them. The number is relatively high as evident from a Daily Mail report in the UK.  Unsurprisingly, scammers take the perfect advantage of such unsuspecting morons and make them pay a heavy price for their audacious behaviour.

Incident 1

Here is what one such scammed student has to say,” I tried to dupe my way to good grades. Instead, I was conned out of my money. It was a lesson well learnt.”

The person quoted above lost all his money and ended up with nothing but thin air. In reality, there are loads of fake essay writing services out there that can do such malicious things and cause devastating damage to a student’s academic reputation.

Incident 2

And things become much worse when it comes to a technical subject such as statistics. A student from an Australian university that became embroiled in a contract cheating scandal ended up with a load of nonsense and rehashed content when he sought help from a random assignment writing service on the net. The student ended up with incorrect graphs, nonsensical diagrams and general statistical jargon that were put together haphazardly by someone who had no idea what they were doing.

She ended up paying more than 600 dollars for a load of shit.

Scammers will always target the unwary

In 2018, hundreds of thousands of students were bombarded with enticing e-mails from several scamming services. These malicious entities intended to lure the unwary into a trap and promise them a shortcut to success at a special price.

Scammers targeted Chinese and other foreign language-speaking students in the United Kingdom primarily. The inbox of one particular Chinese student had 97 e-mails from 55 different essay-writing scammers. International students in UK universities received more than 500,000 swindling spams within 2017-2018. What’s more shocking is that the e-mails were sent to the inbox of every student’s university mail accounts.

Sure enough, the enticing offers of contractual cheating were convincing and appealing to many, and quite a few fell for them. Numerous foreign students get cheated out of their money, some failed to secure the passing grades and while several were caught submitting plagiarized & pre-fabricated solutions.

Their time, money and career suffered significantly and in some cases, irreversible damage due to these incidences.

So, the fact of the matter is that if you have no choice other than seeking online writing assistance, then it is best to seek help from reputed, reliable and authentic writing services. Do some research, go through original reviews and then make up your mind.

Good luck!